Korean film has always been one my favourite parts of Korean culture. And although I have no other qualification but the fact that I have seen too many Korean films, I thought I'd share my five personal favourites for those of you who are looking for a way to begin with Korean cinema. Needless to say, there are too many great films to choose from, which is why I selected five films by five different directors who each have their own distinctive style. Naturally, this list is not representative of Korean cinema as a whole, but I think these five films offer a glimpse into not only what Korean film is like, but also into various aspects of Korean society and history.


This LIMI feu dress is perfect for hot summer weather. That being said, you could count hot summer days in England on the fingers of your one hand (and still have some left). Luckily, the dress itself can be styled in a lot of different ways and is ideal for layering - with T-shirts, turtlenecks, skinny jeans, etc. etc. That being said, my favourite combination is with a tube top or a sports bra, minimal accessories, and sneakers or sandals. And because there have been a few hot days in England recently, I asked my friend Anais to take a few quick snaps.

この「LIMI feu」のワンピースは夏にピッタリだ。しかし、イギリスの夏の日は片手の指で数えられる。幸いこのワンピースはTシャツ、タートルネック、デニムパンツなどを中に着れるものだけど、私の一番好きなスタイリングはこのように中にただチューブトップかスポーツブラジャーを着て、ミニマルなアクセサリーをつけて、スニーカーかサンダルを履くことだ。そして、最近イギリスも意外と暑くなってきたので、友達の Anais に写真をちょっとお願いした。


One thing I love about street snaps is that they are usually not staged, which allows you to take a glimpse of what people actually wear when they go on about their daily lives. There is no time for you to fix your hair or toss aside the tote bag you carry around for its practicality more than anything else. And it's those imperfections that make street snaps so special.
These photos were taken last Sunday in London, and I thought I'd share them because basically this is my spring / summer uniform - minimal, comfortable... oh, and all-black. (See the full article for a list of what I am wearing.)