Oxford Vintage Fair

When I went to the Oxford Vintage Fair, I was trying not to get my expectations too high, and even contemplated leaving when I saw the massive queue outside of the Town Hall... Luckily I stayed, and ended up being pretty much blown away by how well the event was organised. After a few minutes I was inside staring at a huge amount of beautiful vintage pieces everywhere I looked.
Not to just throw words of praise, there were, as I'd expected, stores that kind of rode on the wave of popularity vintage clothing has at the moment. But most of the stalls were not the case. As for the prices, it wasn't a thrift hunt, sometimes the items were quite overpriced, but in most cases I was pretty sure Urban Outfitters or Topshop had a manufactured version in stock for way more money. I remember thinking as I was browsing through all the great clothes and accessories for about two hours, and taking an unhealthy amount of photos, that even if I didn't buy anything, the £2 entry would be totally worth the inspiration flowing from all directions. I shouldn't get too sentimental about my relationship to fashion, but it wasn't unlike going to an art gallery.

Apart from the main part, that is vintage clothing and accessories, there were sewing patterns, posters from old movies, home decorations, and also a hairstyling parlour where you could turn yourself into your favourite star from the old days. And downstairs, there was a tearoom, which I sadly forgot to check out, as I was counting all my finds and working out what I actually do want to buy. Next time...
The irony...

There were people with great style matching the event too. I asked a couple of them for a picture. Check out this lady's vintage store!

A perfect Sweet Lolita.

Another stylish lady with an amazing hairstyle

My friend Kana, whose style I love!

Here is what I got... 1980s Italian mask made into a necklace (£8), transparent round glasses (£5), transparent fan earring (my friend has the other one of the pair) (£3/pair), and a hand-made wool jumper (£20).

The next Oxford Vintage Fair will be on 9th June (see the Facebook event), so if you are in Oxford at that time, definitely go have a look. I will be there eating my feelings in the tearoom because I spent more than I had planned to...


  1. omg! amazing photos and outfits!
    have a nice day ♥

  2. Hey,
    beautiful pictures and clothes! Vintage is great!


  3. Ahoj, můžu se zeptat, co bylo míněno ironií pod harvardským tričkem? Jakože si vůbec troufá vyskytovat se v Oxfordu? (Doufám, že jsem svojí blbou otázkou z toho nesebrala všechen vtip)

    1. Jen mi přišlo vtipné, že je takové 'Harvard pride' tričko zrovna v místech, kde je jiná takhle slavná univerzita... :D

  4. This looks absolutely amazing! I'm so tempted to come to the next one now! :D


  5. Hi this is a great report on the fair - love the photos too. With this fair returning to the Town Hall Oxford is now a seriously great place to do some vintage fashion shopping. I have run Bag the Jewels ( Costume jewellery, bags and accessories) in Antiques on High Oxford for 16 years. (Things were a bit more niche when I started out but soooo happy vintage is appealing to more people now!) Then you have the fab Unicorn in Ship Street, Ballroom at The Plain, Reign in the Cowley Road and lots of vintage stock in the charity shops too. Helen and Douglas House have opened up a dedicated vintage fashion shop in the Covered Market. Also there is the open market at Gloucester Green on Thursdays. Hurray for Vintage in Oxford!

    1. Thank you! Oxford definitely has quite a lot to offer in terms of vintage shopping, I still haven't checked out all the shops around town, so thanks for the list. Good luck with your shop! ^^


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