Formosan bubble tea bar

I am continuing with my favourite places around Oxford. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have notice my obsession with bubble tea, so while my wallet was crying, I was really happy to find out that there is a bubble tea bar right in the centre of Oxford, just off High Street.
Formosan is a little different from the usual bubble tea bars though, it has an atmosphere of a tea room, it's very quiet and calming, and the interior is almost entirely wooden. I can't help myself but feel that it's very Japanese... and the tea served is not the usual Korean type you get in most places. But although you only have around five flavours to choose from, plus additional stuff like milk or honey, and the taste is not as fruitsy as you'd expect, it is delicious!

♫ GD&TOP - Knock Out (the bubble bubble song)

 The sitting area with a table that can be raised up from the floor

Baked Oolong tea with milk and tapioca pearls, my personal favourite ^_^

Formosan Tea Bar
128A High Street
(down at the end of Wheatsheaf Yard)
Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm


  1. Looks so stylish. I am not sure if I wanted to go through that tiny corridor... Hmm... :D

    1. I like dodgy streets lol. :D (And it's definitely worth it!)

  2. I've never tried bubble tea, but after seeing various bloggers posting about it I'm really keen to!

    1. It's amazing (and addictive!) I recommend oolong tea with milk or hibiscus tea, and bubbles of course. (I personally prefer the popping ones to the chewy ones, but I like both.) Let me know then how you liked it! ;3

  3. This is the first time I've seen inside a bubble tea bar, I didn't realise it was so authentic to the point of being seated on the floor with the raising table. Lovely! I'd love to find one near me. I think the best we've got though is a Chinese takeaway that sells bubble tea during the day.


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