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Exploring local vintage shops has become one of my favourite pastimes, and I thought I would share one of those that I found fascinating.
The shop's actual name is Mukta, but in my head it will forever be 'the one with big neon HELL in the window'. It almost feels wrong in the quiet neighbourhood, a few minutes walk away from the neons of the shopping district, and by wrong I mean in a good way. The visuals are loud, but the shop's atmosphere is really relaxed, it's one of those stores where you can spend ages chatting with the staff (or pop out for a cigarette and bathe in judging stares of by-walkers), one of those stores where you just want to hang out in your free time. Aside all that though, it has a good selection of vintage and designers like Christian Dada, Helsinki.Antiklaft.Autobahn, or Shinichiro Inui.


  1. Úžasné. *_* Škoda, že u nás moc takovýhle obchodů není...

    ... Právě jsi mě inspirovala, mohla bych podobný obchod jednou založit! :D

    1. To jsem rada. Myslim, ze vy dva s Kirou byste se tam skvele hodili. ;3


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