I left my heart in Seoul.

Seoul, South korea
2/06 - 2/13/2014

Most people imagine k-pop and plastic surgery.
I came to look for an atmosphere I could melt into. And I found it.
A centuries old palace complex right next to skyscrapers. A coffee shop whose (heavenly) lattes only come in large size. Concrete walls with people's random thoughts written on them. A green carpet, which must have looked like a lawn ages ago, with high concentration of stylish people and cigarette butts right next to a multi-storey select shop selling everything from vintage coats and cheap jewellery to Korean high labels. Neon red crosses on top of churches looking ironically tacky in the night time. People who try to talk to you even though their English is about as bad as your Korean. Mobile phone stores and DJs playing your favourite music from time to time. And the food. The food.

The main difference between Japan and Korea, in my eyes at least, is that Japan is very polished and Korea is more raw. And I feel like it suits my character very much.
So as soon as I can, I'm back.


  1. Asian countries are so exotic and familiar at the same time ^-^

    I felt so good in Japan. I think Korea has an atmosphere a bit different than Japan, more simple, less crazy, but not less interesting. I would love to go there.

    Thanks for the pictures !

    1. You're welcome!
      I think the words you used are very true.


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