Hiroshima day & night

A flashback to December 2013.
Hiroshima has an immediate subconscious link to the WWII and the atomic bombing by the US Army in the minds of most of us, I think. However, I was amazed by how the present is focused mainly on a call for peace, while being built on such a painful past. Hiroshima has a lot to say not only about the horrible things having been done to its people, but also about the things we can learn from them to prevent anything like the Hiroshima atomic bombing from happening again. And aside from this really heavy (but of course very important) war issue, Hiroshima itself it a really calm and beautiful city, which aside from other things has a great modern art museum, a beautiful castle (which I found when I got lost, ironically), and delicious hiroshimayaki. It left a deep impression in me as way to overcome the past and face the present with a peaceful and positive mind.


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    1. Thanks! I tried my best to capture the atmosphere of the city.

  2. Very lovely!!! Great photos that really capture Hiroshima ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Fantastic photos!

  4. what a nice blog! wanna follow each other dear? :))



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