Ugly Shoes

The other day, two older ladies came into the store I work part-time at, and one of them upon seeing my shoes, said in a slightly amused tone that they looked exactly like the ones kids used to wear for P.E. in the 1980s. Then, because she thought I'd feel offended, she added that mine are of course very nice. She had no idea that she actually got the reference perfectly right, because when I was sewing two stripes of gum on these plain white flats, old children's P.E. shoes, in the Czech Republic heavily associated with the socialist era, were what I aimed for...

Of course, there are shoes that are simply ugly (*cough* Uggs and Crocs *cough*), but as someone who tends to be fascinated by things that are considered visually displeasing by most people (dirty urban areas, concrete buildings, or factories to name a few), I really like the look of shoes that in a fashion context seem quite wrong, but at the same time work so well with both street and more ladylike outfits. Even such classics as Dr Martens boots or Adidas tennis sneakers have a certain ugly-pretty vibe to them, because they are primarily made to be functional and high-quality rather than pleasant for the eye, even though a lot of thinking goes into their visual design, too.
Here are a few of my favourite ugly-pretty shoes at the moment...

(I only know the Czech word for these.)






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    1. This reminds me of one song (one of my all-time favourites):

  2. taky jsem kdysi uvažovala, že si jarmily pořídím. nakonec jsem si je nekoupila s tím, že by tu, ehm, módní nadsázku asi nikdo nepochopil. ale upravit si balerínky, aby jarmily připomínaly je fakt dobrý nápad. možná, že si je jednou taky udělám :)

    1. Jestli to nekdo pochopi nebo ne je ve finale jedno... ale upravene baleriny vypadaji jako takove trochu elegantnejsi jarmily. Libi se mi, ze maji tlustsi gumu, kterou si konec koncu muzes vybrat, jakou chces (cernou, bilou, a tak). Do toho! Jarmily si zalouzi comeback. :D


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