Rooftop Art in Mullae

One of my favourite spots from my last trip to Seoul in June was Mullae (물래), an industrial area surrounded by tall blocks of flats, where artists started setting up their studios and turning the concrete rooftops into their canvases and exhibition rooms.
As most good places, this one comes without tourist guides, so when we got there we found ourselves surrounded by heavy industry, and heavy stares from the local workers. After giving it some thought, we figured that the only way to figure out where to go was to randomly climb one of those rooftops and see everything from above. And so began our series of rooftop-climbing, sometimes ending up on the building right next to the one we wanted to go to. But it was all well worth it. Mullae is very atmospheric and very, I'd say, real. It's certainly not a place for everyone, but definitely a great spot for those who indulge in urban landscapes, or street art, or both... and who don't mind getting a bit of city dust on them in the process.

Creative Village of Mullae
Subway line no.7, Mullae station, exit 7 (map)


  1. awesome pictures!

    1. Thanks! It's because it's an awesome place.

  2. Už jen z těch fotek jde cítit určitá atmosféra, 9. a 7. fotka je skvělá, "made in dreams " mi v hlavě uvízne na dlouho a 9. fotka vypadá jako vstup do jiného světa. Socha chlápka mě děsí, ale přijde mi, že to byl z části účel a vzkaz na konci je úžasný :D (A už jsem to chtěla napsat dříve, ale máš skvělé fotky, ať fotíš cokoliv, vždy se cítím, jako bych na tom místě byla s tebou :) )
    Těším se na další přispěvek :3


    1. Dekuju, tenhle komentar me hodne potesil, jelikoz mam do profesionalniho fotografa hodne daleko, ale snazim se zachytit veci, ktere na me nejakym zpusobem zapusobily a snad zapusobi i na jine lidi. (^^)


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