happy birthday DSM.

I arrived to England in late September, just in time for Dover Street Market's 10-year anniversary. Sadly, I missed the massive front door installation, but at least I was able to get my hands on something from their memorabilia - Six magazine badges were my item of choice.
In the elevator (Working my way from the top to the bottom was my strategy.) I overheard a girl saying 'Whenever I come here, I feel dressed inappropriately.', and when I glanced at my outfit, I realised DSM is indeed a store that makes you want to dress up. It is somewhat imposing, but in the best way. The four floors filled with amazing interior design, clothes, accessories, shoes, and now even rare books and homeware, make you strive for self-improvement. The attention DSM puts into every little detail to transform a former office building into the perfect retail environment is in itself inspirational. Happy birthday, DSM, I, as a keen observer, am looking forward to how you change and grow over the next ten or hundred, perhaps, years.

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