the tab.

I recently did an interview with The Tab, one of the Oxford student newspapers, for which me and my friend Clio shot a few images. While in places like London, you have an abundance of urban backgrounds to choose from, in an old English city like Oxford, you thank god for every shabby concrete wall you come across, let alone an entire building like this one. Styling-wise, instead of showing off my entire wardrobe, I layered a few items on top of each other creating one outfit, which gave me the freedom to play around with the clothes, take them off and put them on again.

You can read the interview at The Oxford Tab's website.

DSC02185 copy
DSC02252 copy
DSC02249 copy
DSC02226 copy
DSC02221 copy
DSC02209 copy
DSC02169 copy
photos by Clio Zäuner


  1. Very nice photos, I like the first one the most.
    Tell your photographer he did a good job :)

    1. Thank you, I will pas your words on.
      (It's her by the way.)

    2. (I actually looked her up later and well... sorry. :') Praise still lasts.

  2. Jako vždy naprosto perfektní! *___*

  3. I like these photos- you look like you're floating in a lot of them like Lydia Deetz at the end of Beetlejuice

  4. Are those Miistas? I love them!! Also they really are awesome photos.

    1. Thank you xx
      The shoes are from Topshop actually.

  5. Nice photos. I love your red coat, it is great :D :D


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