march favourites.

Things you might want to try, listen to, have a look at.

- song -

Soothing, dark and powerful, a perfect soundtrack for sleepness nights and lazy Sunday mornings especially. I love the mood of the MV, too

- video -
These are the views of Seoul tourist guides never show you, its urban landscapes that I love, the messy rooftops, the concrete jungles. And then there is the beautiful song co-created by one of my favourite producers.

- magazine -
switch cdg specialIMG_1174 copy
Containing a long interview with Rei Kawakubo, scans of the Six archive, and other insights into the Comme universe, this issue of Switch has become the bible on my bedside table. Unfortunately I think you can only get it in Japan, but it's definitely worth it if you can somehow get your hands on it.

- app -
This silly cute app is making sure you keep yourself hydrated enough. And it actually works.

- tv show -
After the heavily male-dominated Show Me the Money series, I was happy to hear that Korean female rappers finally have their say, too. Unpretty Rapstar is much more small scale than SMTM, it's cringe at times, there's drama, but there are also some amazing performances and artists to keep your eyes on.

- film -
여행자 (a brand new life) dir. by lee chang dong (2009)
A heart-breaking, yet somehow inspiring story with underlining social commentary. Lee Chang Dong never disappoints, but this film definitely counts as one of my favourites amongst (not only) his works.
- artist -
julien levy

Levy's videos are magical and decadent and their heroines seduce you with their Dorian Gray-esque philosophies. And the visuals take it all into a whole new level.

- brand -
A sarcastically poetic take on the normcore trend coming out of Seoul. I found them through their Instagram and as far as I know their stuff is only available in Korea, but I'm hoping to get my hands on something soon.


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