This week I went to see an exhibition of one of my favourite artists Yayoi Kusama after two years. Compared to the one I saw in Seoul, there weren't as many artworks, but most of them were Kusama's new creations so it was a great chance to see works I haven't seen before, such as 'All the Enternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins' or 'Chandelier of Grief.' Everytime I go to see Kusama's exhibition, it makes me hate people. You wait for thirty minutes and when you finally get into the gallery, there is a lot of people and a little time to see the artworks, which makes me wish I could be in Kusama's world all alone. If I ever become rich, instead of a car or a big house, I just want to hang one of Kusama's 'Infinity Nets' on the wall of my concrete flat.

今週、私の大好きなアーティスト草間彌生の展覧会を2年ぶり見に行った。ソウルで見た展覧会と比べたら、作品が少なかったと言っても、新作が多くて、今まで生で見たことのない「All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins」や「Chandelier of Grief」を見てよかった。草間の展覧会を見に行くと、人がイヤになる。待ち時間30分、やっと入館できたら中には人が多いし、作品を見られる時間が少ないし、一人で草間の世界にいたらいいなというわがままな考えが出る。もしいつか金持ちになれば、車や大きい家なんか忘れて、コンクリートでつくられたアパートの壁にただ草間の「Infinity Net」をかけようと思った。

The exhibition is open until 30 July in Victoria Miro gallery in London.

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