videography and editing: Ying Zhi

A friend of mine shot this video when we were hanging out in London a while back. We went to MagCulture, a heaven on earth for magazine otaku (like me), and then strolled around Shoreditch, grabbing Brick Lane beigels on the way (everyone needs to try them otherwise you haven't lived). It's quite fascinating how people look completely different in pictures and in videos, which makes me want to explore moving image more in the future.
If you'd like to know what I'm wearing, head over to my Lookbook.

一緒にロンドンで遊んでいた時に友達が撮ったビデオだ。私みたいな雑誌オタクの天国とも言われる「MagCulture」に行ってみて、Brick Laneのベイゲルを食べながら(機会があれば、是非食べてみてくださいね)Shoreditchを歩き回った。写真と動画で同じ人を見れば、印象が全く違っている。それはすごく興味深くて、今から動画をもっと撮ってみたいと思う。
何を着ているか知りたい人は私の Lookbook へ。

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