A while ago I wrote an article for my friend's magazine (a part of her graduate project at Condé Nast College - 404 Studio) about curating your wardrobe - constantly re-interpreting the pieces you own, focusing on quality over quantity, and having enough empty space. These pictures were taken quite last minute before the magazine went into print. Me and my friend Diana headed to the the only photogenic place in Oxford (by photogenic I mean grey and gritty), with only a vague idea of what kind of pictures we want to take, but the resulting set of images are one of my favourite to-date. They somehow manage to perfectly capture my style and my mood (or my 'aesthetic' if you like), and because some of them didn't make the final cut, I thought I'd share them here.

The styling concept is quite simple. I took some of my favourite items and styled them in two slightly different ways to show that you really don't need to own a lot of stuff to 'have something to wear' every day. The key is in investing in a few versatile pieces, such as this vintage hakama, which can be worn both as a maxi skirt and as an ankle-length dress. I also prefer to stick to minimal accessories and a black-white-red colour palette, because it makes it easier to mix things together, and effectively allows you to own less.

T-shirt - Pleasure x DSM
Hakama - vintage (bought in Japan)
Dad hat - Stüssy
Socks - Nike
Red sneakers - Nike Huarache (via Foot Locker)
White sandals - Topshop
Knuckle rings - H&M


  1. You have such an artistic way of portraying fashion. And you are right less is more, we can all style what we already own in so many different ways!
    Amazing post and photography xxx


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