One thing I love about street snaps is that they are usually not staged, which allows you to take a glimpse of what people actually wear when they go on about their daily lives. There is no time for you to fix your hair or toss aside the tote bag you carry around for its practicality more than anything else. And it's those imperfections that make street snaps so special.
These photos were taken last Sunday in London, and I thought I'd share them because basically this is my spring / summer uniform - minimal, comfortable... oh, and all-black. (See the full article for a list of what I am wearing.)


photography by Benjamin Nwaneampeh

Pencil skirt - Let Kuzmus
Crop top - American Apparel
Long blazer - Monki
Necklace - H&M
Triangle earrings - Weekday
Knuckle rings - H&M
Round glasses - John Lennon
Sport socks - Nike
Heels - Topshop
Black shoulder bag - Monki
Tote bag - Favotell

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