A few weeks back, before I left the UK, cut my hair, and spilled water on my laptop, me and my friend went out to fight post-final exam ennui. The Denys Wilkinson building belonging to the Department of Physics at Oxford University is one of my favourite places in the city. Designed by Philip Dowson in 1967, it is a masterpiece of brutalist architecture that unfortunately gets lost and forgotten in the old, fancy buildings that usually come to one's mind when you say Oxford.
Recently, I read an article that argued we were attracted to concrete because it reminds us of human skin - it transforms over the years, it cracks, it breathes. I agree. The magic of concrete is that it's a material that's alive.


photos by Tina Walsh

Dress - T by Alexander Wang
Sports bra - Adidas
Skinny ripped jeans - Cheap Monday
Blazer - Monki
Dad hat - Stüssy
Paper bag - Comme des Garçons
Hoop earrings - Monki
Heels - True Decadence

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